Science Books and Documents of Aligarh Muslim University Get Translation in URDU

Science is now sharing a space with the Urdu speakers too. With the help of the former dean and advisor of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare how it got introduced has been discussed here.

The Aligarh Muslim University has banged the education sector after declaring the news of translating the science books.

Prof Anis Ahmad Ansari, the faculty of Unani Medicine and former dean, the former advisor of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare affirmed the news saying that all the science related documents and books will get under a quick translation and that too will be attained at a large scale. This is because of the fact that at a time too many Urdu speaking people can access the science sector without any hiccups.

In the First National Workshop, Prof Ansari was elected as the chief guest and was invited there for the valedictory assembly of the translation of Urdu of the Science Books. This program was held by Vigyan Prasar, undertaken by the Government of India under the department of Science and Technology. The entire agenda was planned in collaboration with the Aligarh Muslim University’s Center of Promotion of Science.

According to professor, people with Urdu as their native language do not have that scope to get as many as science related books in market whereas there are plenty of other Indian languages available for such books. Thus for the sake of the Muslim brothers, the former dean came into such a plan and made it possible with his caliber.

His year’s long research has enabled him in observing the fact that in every stream, mother tongue should be imparted as the medium of education. For the sake of the kids he pushed on the translators to make use of extremely simple and easy to read language in the translation.

In the workshop, Prof Ansari praised and congratulated each of the participants who took an active part in the translation program. Moreover he distributed credentials to contributors and the participants.

According to the director of the Centre for Promotion of Science, the objective of Prof Ansari is to circulate the education of science even at its elementary levels and such advantage has been brought especially for the Muslim Managed Education Institutions and the Deeni Madaris. The 1985 inception of the centre has managed in providing training to the science tutors of the Madrasas. Such has even proved to be a boon for all the Muslim religion people who are into the centre. As per his words science education is an important aspect that should come under everyone’s concern and to make all the Muslim brothers and sisters educated science must be kept as an important stream within the national mainstream.

Even too many thanks came from various people to the participants of the science translation and giving it an outcome which is a grand success.

The project coordinator of EDUSAT made a presentation of the entire report in the Workshop and appraised each of the participants for their accomplishment over their project. According to her report about six books got translated into altogether thirty popular articles from English or Hindi to the targeted language. She patted each of the members there for their outstanding job.

Before commencing the final report by Prof. Ansari, the former director of the Centre made a highlight of the objectives and aspiration of the Centre for Promotion of Science and its responsibility of the expansion of the science stream in Urdu version.

In the meantime, the former vice chancellor of Maulana Azad University underlined the various works done by the Muslim Scientists during the period of the medieval time and thereafter they decided in laying down a foundation of the modern science.

According some of the great scientist, science got emphasized in all its ways and its immense requirement get felt by them. They wanted to make their Muslim kids be aware of what is going into this universe and its reality and thus with hands on hands they made the stream available to everyone.

People from various backgrounds were invited for this auspicious celebration and with biggest ever commemoration the day was marked for the Urdu speakers. Their mission of educating each of their Muslim natives got celebrated with the toast of science translation. With foundation laid before, now on the Urdu speakers can get the ray of Science and lead a life that depends on facts and reality.

Science and Education

The greatest blessing to humanity is the advent of Science for bringing social prosperity through spread of knowledge and education. Science has helped man to the sky, measure the depth of oceans and wrest from nature many of her hidden treasures. In recent times, it has transformed human life beyond all imagination. Through its advanced inventions and discoveries, Science has cast its great effects on social life of the human and removed sufferings, ignorance and hardship. Science has extended the frontiers of knowledge of society in various ways and in various directions. It has enabled man to fight natural calamities and to revolutionise industrial and agricultural processes.

The level of education has greatly improved with the help of Science. Now people are more aware and want to know more and more about the latest happenings all round the world. In the modern era of Science, greater emphasis is being given to television in educational, social and moral spheres. Now it has become possible for man to sit in the cosy confines of his living room and watch the latest happenings of the world from his home. The expantion of education through television has been tremendous. Moreover, it has a great educative value. As on date, there are various programmes run by University Grants Commission to teach various subjects through the media of television. If proper methods are adopted, various subjects like Chemistry, Physics, English, Commerce and Mathematics etc., can be very well taught through television programmes. The students also gain a lot from such lessons taught in the form of pictures relating to various topics.

The subject matter taught on television has a more enduring and effective impression on the minds of the viewers. Further, it is all the output of the experienced teachers who understand the problems faced by students who pursue education along with their jobs or cannot afford to go to a regular college. In a large country like India, where most of the population is uneducated, the role of science in dissemination of education through television cannot be denied.

Science has also contributed the most advanced and well equipped laboratories for students to learn and conduct practicals. The launching of INSAT and other communication satellites in the space has given further fillip to the cause of education. Now the boundary of a state or a country is not the limit to get qualification of a particular university. The student can go through various courses through satellite – run programmes. The greatest and most significant achievement of science in this regard is launching internet. The internet has brought about a big revolution in the world of education and information. The click of the mouse can help him access a world of information in a matter of seconds.

With the help of Science, even the minute details of any kind of information or data is recorded wither on cassettes, disks or printed in any kind of books. The libraries of the schools, colleges and universities are full with latest books and journals on all subjects topic wise. A student can opt to go through any subject either on computer, or by going through a book. He has all the options available with him. Science has given him options to study various new fields in the research and development of science itself.

Science has helped the students to travel all across the world not only for pleasure but to educate himself about various wonders of nature and see historical places. He can avail the facility of cars, trains, ships and aeroplanes and reach his destination in time. Even he can talk to any relative or friend living in any part of the world at any moment of the day or night. Thus he has no tension and can concentrate better on his studies. A student can complete a work of months and years in a matter of hours. Communication and transport have really made the life of students more comfortable.

All other forms of entertainment have been brought to the door of the student by Science, Radio, television and cinema is helping the student in relieving the daily tensions of life by providing him the best and affordable entertainment. Surely, the daily life of students is very different and has improved a lot with the inventions of Science. Truly, Science is unlimited knowledge for a student and is going to be an eternal source of new blessing in the cause of spread of education across all horizons of the world.